The Hair Secrets Difference

Thickness Where It Counts

Our thorough sorting process separates out shorter strands to ensure that our hair extensions only use strands of the same length. With the same thickness from top to bottom, Hair Secrets hair extensions give you fullness throughout the length for a natural looking finish with maximum volume. Made from 100% natural human hair, Hair Secrets give you a flawless finish.

Gentle Coloring Process

Our unique eight-day coloring process is gentle, designed to give your extensions a straight-from-the-salon finish. Our system preserves the condition, shine and texture of healthy hair leaving the hair cuticle intact.

We don't use harsh stripping agents or dyes that can damage the hair, ensuring your Hair Secrets hair extensions have the silky, luxurious feeling of virgin remy hair.

Weight Isn't Everything

Don't be dazzled by a high number! When it comes to hair extensions, weight is only part of the story.

A common misconception among shoppers is the heaver the hair extensions, the thicker the hair. Some retailers add shorter hairs to bring up the weight of their extensions leaving you with heavy roots and wispy ends. What's most important for an even, healthy-looking finish is an extension that is thick all the way to the ends.

Find Your Perfect Color Match

With our extensive range of 20 designer shades, Hair Secrets lets you find your perfect color match. From the palest platinum blondes to a rich raven black, the Hair Secrets range will give you picture-perfect locks. Select from our range of multi-tonal colors for instant highlights or match your hair extensions to your latest 'do. With a huge selection of color choices, you won't have to dye your extensions with harsh chemicals to achieve the shade you need for a flawless finish.

Colour Matching

Keep Your Secret Safe

Every hair extensions purchase from Hair Secrets comes with a complimentary storage bag to keep your hair extensions looking their best for longer. Our stylish little black bag helps prolong the life of your hair extensions by preventing tangles and dust build up. Your Hair Secrets organza bag can be laid flat or hung for easy storage in a drawer or wardrobe.

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